Using the Video Doorbell

Event Response and your Blink Video Doorbell

ends real-time notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected or when the doorbell is pressed, allowing you to see and interact with visitors through the app.

Placement of your Blink Video Doorbell

Placement: Install the Blink Video Doorbell near your front door at eye level for optimal coverage and visibility of visitors.

Using the Video Doorbell with a Chime

Yes, you can connect the Blink Video Doorbell to a compatible chime to hear audible alerts when someone presses the doorbell.

Mounting the Blink Video Doorbell

Mount the Blink Video Doorbell securely near your front door using the provided mounting bracket and screws.

Blink Video Doorbell wired installation

To install the Blink Video Doorbell wired, follow the provided instructions to connect it to your existing doorbell wiring for power.

Doorbell Video Recording Setting

Enable video recording in the Blink Video Doorbell settings to capture footage whenever motion is detected or the doorbell button is pressed.

Changing the Chime Volume on Your Blink Video Doorbell

Adjust the chime volume on your Blink Video Doorbell through the settings in the mobile app.

How do I use my Mini Camera as a chime?

You cannot use the Blink Mini Camera as a chime.

What is the Operating Temperature of the Blink Cameras?

The operating temperature of Blink cameras typically ranges from -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C).

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