Qolsys Home Safety Plus


Qolsys Home Safety Plus

The IQ Panel 2 in-Qolsys home safety plus is an All-in-one smart security system that has a clean and modern user interface with a 7” high-definition glass screen. The system has a 1280 X 800 resolution with multi-gesture capability that allows you to swipe through the different screens just like a tablet. Certainly, there are different screens for the different features and devices set up on each individual smart security system. For instance, you will have separate screens for security, smart locks, cameras, smart thermostats, smart lighting, garage door control, etc. Using all the latest technology the IQ Panel 2 has built-in wireless radios including LTE Cellular, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Encrypted Security RF, Z-Wave Plus, and Bluetooth for instance.

The security system keypad can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter or table using the included table stand. Furthermore, IQ Panel 2 includes an onboard 5MP camera that can take pictures anytime. In addition, it includes smartphone app/web-based control of the system via Alarm.com, Two-Way voice monitoring, a photo frame screensaver, built-in glass break detector, Bluetooth disarming, dual-path connectivity, and a built-in router.

Skybell Video Doorbell

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Home Security Made Easy! Always know who’s at your door with the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. Award-winning design providing full-featured performance, furthermore designed to replace most wall-mounted doorbells. Therefore it’s weatherproof and tamper-resistant. The SkyBell video doorbell is truly the eyes of the smart home, providing superior protection you can trust to keep your home safe. SkyBell can deter intruders from breaking into your home!

It’s so effective, police departments often receive photos and video from the SkyBell Village network.  That can be used to catch criminals. For instance, nearly 34% of burglars enter through the front door therefore Video Doorbell Camera helps deter unwelcome visitors with the cameras. A qolsys home safety plus includes the sky bell video doorbell. Furthermore, the best buy security cameras for home.

Security Surveillance Solutions is a company that provides Interactive Security Solutions, Home Automation, Safety, and Cameras for one affordable price. Our security services and solutions portfolio is designed to reduce security risk by preventing, detecting, and responding to events. However, our comprehensive CCTV, intruder alarm, access control technologies, and visitor management technologies can work in isolation or as part of an integrated solution. We partner with our clients to develop their surveillance plans in a way that works for you and your budget. Whatever be your safety requirements, Security Surveillance Solutions is the right choice because we have simply covered all the possible angles in the security requirements of our clients.

Qolsys Home Safety Plus

IQ Panel 2 Touch Screen Keypad
1 Motion Sensor

3 Door Sensors
1 Sky bell Camera
Lifestyle Message Alert @ (1 Cell No. 1 Email ID)
Duress Code (Stress Code)
Discount Certificate under Home Insurance
Arm and Disarm Alarm System thru Smart Phone
3 Years Warranty
4 Months Free
36 Month to Month Payments
40 Months Contract
Moreover No Installation Charges and No Activation Charges

Package In $36.99 Plus Taxes


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