Flood Sensor


A flood sensor home depot is an electronic device that is designed to detect. The presence of water for purposes such as providing. An alert in time to allow the prevention of water in your home space.

Flood sensors is a small cable or device that lies flat on a floor and relies on. On the electrical conductivity of water to decrease the resistance across two contacts. The device then sounds an audible alarm together. With providing onward signaling in the presence of enough water to bridge the contacts.

It may be fun to watch a good thunderstorm, but it’s not fun if it floods your basement. A quick alert can help you protect valuables from flood damage.

Winter is coming…and with it come a lot of potential hazards for homeowners and renters alike. Broken pipes, floods and potentially thousands of dollars of water damage. But some companies want to save you that money with a simple gadget: the flood sensor.

Flood sensors come in all varieties, but they pretty much all work using the same mechanism: when water touches two exposed metal probes, the device senses increased conductivity between those probes and sets off an alarm. It’s a simple idea that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.



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