Smart Door Lock


Best buy security cameras outdoor Our smart lock is an electronically lock which is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives such instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process. It also monitors access and sends alerts for the different events it monitors. A special key fob configured explicitly for this purpose which wireless performs the authentication needed to automatically unlock the door.

Best buy security cameras outdoor Our smart locks can also allow users to grant access to a third party by means of a virtual key. This key can be sent to the recipient smartphone over standard messaging protocols such as e-mail or SMS. Once this key is received the recipient will be able to unlock the smart lock during the time previously specified by the sender. Our smart locks are able to grant or deny access remotely via a mobile app. Our certain smart locks include a built-in Wi-Fi connection that allows for monitoring features such as access notifications or cameras to show the person requesting access. Our smart locks also has a feature that allow the smart door lock to work with a smart doorbell to allow the user to see who and when someone is at a door.


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