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An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

Best For OutDoor Security

The sky doorbell camera is the best solution for outdoor security many users like dome cameras but the fact is it totally hide from the visitor and record their behavior

Best For In-Door Security

Turret cameras are best in security like built-in microphone like voice recording  feature 8mp Accu-sense camera built-in Microphone  


Megapixel Camera

4K Resolution Day and Night Motion Feature Camera


16x Zooming Capacity

View and Zoom up to 16x


24/7 Recording

Guarantee of saving your Data Max to 30 Days


Cat6 cable has the ability to handle more data than the cat5 cable because Cat6 cable operates at the frequencies up to 250 MHz. Cat5 cable supports up to 100 MHz frequencies which are less than half of Cat6. Cat5 cables operate at the 1GBASE-T or 1-Gigabit Ethernet speeds while Cat6 cable supports up to 10GBASE-T or 10-Gigabit Ethernet speed.

are a good fit for them.

Between the two systems, NVR offers more advantages than DVR. However, there are certain scenarios that may affect your choices. Go with NVR if… You simply need a security system that records video. However, NVR systems are limiting in value as their usefulness and security decrease quickly over time.

Turrets Cameras have a few advantages over domes: they give little to no IR glare, they are easy to position, and generally they have better night video. The first camera we will take a look at is the NSC-2X8G-DM 8MP Turret IP camera. This camera is connected to a network using an ethernet cable and accessed by its IP address

In this aspect, wireless security cameras are better than traditional hard-wired security cameras. For your reference: With the progressive technology, many security camera companies adopt PoE (Power over Ethernet) to power wired security cameras

Connections exposed to weather, humid or dusty environments require weatherproofing. Failure to weatherproof (waterproof) the connections can ultimately lead to camera failure and possibly irreversible damage. Almost all CCTV security cameras come with a provided solution for waterproofing the connection (the so called waterproof connector).

good fit for them.

Active D-Lighting / DRO, HDR, Lens Corrections (Vignette Control, Chromatic Aberration Control, Distortion Control, etc): Off The above are the most important camera settings. First, you always start out by selecting the proper file format, which is RAW.

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ISO + shutter speed + aperture = exposure. Like a mathematical formula, if one variable is changed, the rest are affected by the change. Here is their correlation, broken down in the simplest of explanations: The ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light.