Blink Video Doorbell Setup Guide

Use this article to help you setup your Video Doorbell.

Setup instructions

If you already have a Blink account, skip to the next step.

Create an Blink account with the Blink app

2. Optional: Add your Sync Module

If you already have a Sync Module added to your system, skip to the next step.

How to install a Sync Module

Blink recommends using the video doorbell with a Sync Module for the best experience. It’s important to add the Sync Module to your system first, and then add the device. Make sure to set up the Sync Module near to where you will be mounting the doorbell, for the most reliable setup of both devices. After installation, you can use the Blink app’s signal strength indicator to help choose a location if you wish to move the Sync Module.

Add a Sync Module and create a system

  1. From the Home screen, tap the + icon to add a device.
  2. On the Add Device screen, tap Sync Module.
  3. Scan the QR code on the back of the Sync Module or enter your Sync Module’s serial number manually.
    Note: The Blink app may ask permission to access the camera on your mobile device in order to scan the QR code. If it asks, select Allow.
    put the QR code into the Blink app viewscreen. You can tap the camera image below to locate the serial number QR code.
  4. Once the serial number is recognized, you are asked to create a new system. Tap the text entry box and provide a unique name for your system. If you have other existing systems, this name must be different from other system names you may have in your Blink account. Tap Continue after your new system name is entered.
  5. The Add Sync Module screen will instruct you to plug in your Sync Module and then wait for the light pattern of blinking blue and steady green.
    Tap Discover Device when you see this pattern on your Sync Module.

    Note: If you don’t see the blinking blue light pattern, then you may need to reset the Sync Module. Learn more about how to reset the Sync Module.
  6. In order to connect to your network, the Blink app uses your mobile device to first connect to the Sync Module’s temporary Wi-Fi network. It’s named “BLINK-_ _ _ _” where the last 4 digits are from your Sync Module’s serial number. Tap Join.
  7. After joining is successful, you are asked to join your local Wi-Fi network. Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap Join.
    • The Add Sync Module screen displays 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks within range. If you do not see your local Wi-Fi network, tap Refresh List at the bottom of the screen. The Sync Module stores network information for devices that are added to its system. Learn more about how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections.
  8. When your Sync Module has been added to your new system, you will receive a completion screen. Tap Done to finish the process. You’re now ready to add your new camera.
    The new system name displays at the top of your Home screen and you will also see the Sync Module. A cloud icon settings icon  with a green connection line shows the Sync Module is successfully communicating with the Blink servers.

The Blink Video Doorbell can be installed in three ways.

Wired Installation
The Video Doorbell is powered by two, size AA 1.5 volt lithium non-rechargeable batteries.
Connect existing doorbell wiring (16 – 24 VAC) to activate your home’s doorbell chime. It works with most mechanical or digital chimes.
Connect a Sync Module to increase battery life up to 2 years of normal operation.
This installation type, combined with a Blink Subscription Plan, allows full functionality of the Blink Video Doorbell.

Wire-free Installation
The Video Doorbell is powered by two, size AA 1.5 volt lithium non-rechargeable batteries.
Connect a Sync Module 2 to increase battery life up to 2 years of normal operation.
This installation type, combined with a Blink Subscription Plan, allows full functionality but will not be able to ring an indoor chime.

Event Response

The Video Doorbell is powered by two, size AA 1.5 volt lithium non-rechargeable batteries.
In this setup, the Video Doorbell connects to Wi-Fi, but not to a Sync Module or existing doorbell wiring.
Receive motion alerts and doorbell button press notifications, and tap within 60 seconds to open a Live View session with two-way audio in the Blink app.
Other functionality is limited due to battery life conservation.
Learn more about Event Response.

4. Add your Video Doorbell

  1. Install the 2 AA 1.5 volt lithium non-rechargeable batteries.
    • Learn more: Video Doorbell – Removing the back cover and installing batteries
  2. In the Blink app, tap Add device in the top right of the home screen.
  3. Scan the doorbell’s QR code.
  4. Choose a system or create a new one if needed.
  5. Connect the app to your doorbell’s “BLINK” network and then to your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Follow the remaining in-app instructions to complete the setup.
Where is the doorbell QR code?

The Blink doorbell has a QR code in the battery compartment to represent the device serial number (DSN).

5. Mounting the Video Doorbell

Tap the button depending on how you want to mount the doorbell and follow the steps accordingly. Otherwise, tap Maybe Later to skip these instructions and finish the installation.

The app will provide you with detailed instructions on how to mount your doorbell. For more information on mounting, learn more at Mounting the Blink Video Doorbell.

App instructions for mounting

If you choose to mount the doorbell later, you can find the mounting instructions within the app.

  1. Tap More  and select Device Settings .
  2. Tap Doorbell and Chime.
  3. Choose your setup. Tap either Mount with wiring or Mount without wiring.

6. Final steps

Congrats, you’ve completed adding the doorbell to your Blink system! 

There’s a few optional steps left to do.


Setting your camera name and thumbnail

This articles describes how to change your camera name and refresh the thumbnail image.

When you add a new camera, the camera name and image are not set up. Your camera’s device serial number (DSN) displays as the camera name (shown below as G8V1-9000-1362-CR5R). The thumbnail image (your camera’s view) will be blue. To change the name of your camera or add a thumbnail picture, follow the steps below.

Change the camera name

  • To find Device Settings, tap the More buttonsettings icon at the bottom right of the device’s thumbnail image.
  • From the Device Setting screen, select General Settings.
  • Next, tap the camera’s name to enter the new name (for example, back porch). Once you enter the new camera name, tap Save.

Refresh thumbnail

From the Home Screen, tap the More buttonsettings icon and select Refresh Thumbnail. The camera takes a screenshot of the current live view and replaces the blue image with this screenshot. The thumbnail remains the same until you refresh it using Refresh Thumbnail. Learn more about using the Blink app. 

Note: This process doesn’t apply to the Video Doorbell when it’s in Event Response Mode, since the thumbnail is updated automatically each time the doorbell ringer button is pressed or a motion event occurs. Learn more about Event Response Mode.

Helpful tips

If your doorbell is not found, an error screen appears and you are invited to retry. Tap Retry.

The doorbell notifies you it is ready to be added when the ring around the doorbell button flashes a red LED.

There are two ways to reset the doorbell.

  1. (Preferred) Remove the batteries for five seconds, replace the batteries, then wait for the red LED to blink.
  2. (Not recommended) Factory Reset – Press and hold the reset button (located on the back of the doorbell) until the red light flashes.

Device Settings

Use Device Settings to make other changes to your doorbell, such as adjusting your chime volume, motion detection sensitivity, and speaker volume.
From the Home screen on your doorbell’s thumbnail, tap More  and select Device Settings . Learn more about how to adjust device settings.

If you do not see LED lights and you are sure that the batteries are new, please contact Customer Support.

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