It shows the importance of video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance involves the act of observing a scene and looking for specific behaviors that are improper or that may indicate the emergence or existence of improper behavior

What is Qolysis Home Surveillance Plus?

Video surveillance involves the act of observing a scene and looking for specific behaviors that are improper or that may indicate the emergence or existence of improper behavior. Detecting and moderating danger protects resources and reduces liability. It also permits you to control the account, shielding your brand and your company from the present biggest most harming hazards.

The establishment of any business security system is video surveillance. Our expert CCTV installation includes cameras that monitor and record your region every minute of every day. So you can react to security issues continuously, even from your Smartphone. Having quick admittance to video is essential with regards to increasing response time and producing proof that supports current realities of what happened.

Video Surveillance Solutions:

• Our 8mp TVI Turret 4 Cameras help you with dealing with those countless hours of video footage. So you can all the more effectively call up specific data, view it quickly, and save time and costs.

• Our digital based IP camera systems integrate with your current IT foundation. Utilizing the most recent server and cloud-based storage methods. This gives you instant access and failover repetition.

• We enable video surveillance mix with different systems including alarms, open registers, customer presence, and declaring systems. Our plans are made with software and system administration features arranged for simple employee use and support.

• Our camera technologies give advanced optic clarity and movement detecting. Including 360-degree cameras with rewrapping technology to give you total coverage from one single source. Bottom Line! You’re ensured outside or inside, day or night, in any climate.

• Real-time viewing technology allows you to make speedy decisions and make a quick move. It gives you more protection and peace of mind.

Access Control of Video Surveillance.

Access control installation isn’t just about preventing access; it’s about providing access—giving you control over who goes back and forth, who stays and who stays out. A successful access control system directs character the executives for staff, guests, workers for hire, and any other person with authorization to be on your premises. Joining access control information with video surveillance data gets your business as well as improves your tasks and increase efficiencies. Video surveillance, alongside access control, makes a dynamic, unified system of security that is altogether more powerful than possibly one alone.

Access Control Solutions:

• Our coordinated access control solutions utilize a solitary open platform, making it simpler to oversee and control access for people and groups while giving you the ability to reprogram cards, reconfigure access rights, and erase access rapidly and easily as needed.

• Our access control installation seamlessly coordinates with video the board programming, IT foundation, and other technologies. Helping you with managing and secures your operation with ease. We additionally coordinate with the most recent versatile and remote advances, expanding on your existing networks. And decreasing your deployment costs.

• We customize our access control equipment to your particular need—everything from PINs and passwords, to cards and badge. Giving you real time solutions for overseeing and controlling access, including work force, door status, and occasion history.

• Our reporting packages permit you to distinguish trends and make operational upgrades, looking and separating by specific events as well as equipment foundation.


A complete loss prevention strategy protects you from both outside and inside threats. It monitors your activity all day, every day. Bad-actor detection is just a single viewpoint. Client altercations and employee theft are likewise unfortunate business real factors. That is the reason protecting your operation with visible and non-visible technologies is an essential method to keep steady over what’s happening. We customize state of the art security monitoring solutions for satisfy your needs—including notices, alerts, and alarms.

Monitoring Solutions:

•             Our flexible technologies let you monitor your activity in the manner that is best for you. From station checking to cell phone seeing, we ensure you’re constantly connected and online.

•             Smart monitoring guarantees that the right data gets to the right individuals at the right time. Whether it’s your front line staff, security staff, or leadership, individuals who need to know will always have exactly what they need, and quick. Our forward thinking technologies delivers accelerations automatically dependent on scenario you determine and focus on. So you have complete control as to who gets advised and when.

•             We utilize the most advanced technologies in security intelligence. Advanced video processing and multi-camera searching permits you to channel as per a several different parameters. Video summation technology allows you all the while to see pictures taken at various occasions from a similar camera. This definitely accelerates the way toward reviewing footage and allows you to respond much more rapidly.


While your business security system is vitally important to your prosperity, it shouldn’t occupy you from what makes a difference most—maintaining your business. That is the reason you need a security solution supplier who can plan a system that addresses your issues as well as that makes it simple to manage day-to-day. We do that and then some. By going beyond design and installation, we give you the continuous individual help and support you need to keep your system running smoothly all year round. From help desk and engineering support to emergency help, we highly esteem our responsiveness. Because when it comes to security, every second counts.

Support Solutions:

•             To assist your staff with comprehension and work your new security system, we provide comprehensive end-user preparing planned specifically for you. Furthermore, for ongoing security system maintenance, we offer tiered support with predefined heightening paths to guarantee speedy goal.

•             To better support you and your technology, our services contributions incorporate prorams designed to assist you with taking full advantage of your security system—programs like preventive maintenance, technology upgrades, advanced replacements, and the sky is the limit from there.

We operationalize Security Systems.

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