Johnny Manziel makes debut appearance in fan Controlled league: “Win or lose us booze”

Johnny Manziel makes debut appearance in fan Controlled league: “Win or lose us booze”

Johnny Manziel, a former Heisman Trophy winner played for the zappers in a 48-44 loss on Saturday

. Johnny Manziel found his way back onto the football field in a rather unique way on Saturday night. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner made his entrance in the Fan Controlled Football league as a member of the Zappers. Johnny  Manziel America football just one of his five passes on the night for 11 yards but did flash a bit of the mobility that made him a standout at Texas A&M around a declare ago, rushing for 67 yards and a touchdown. However, if the emergent league didn’t give it away, Johnny  Manziel was quick to note after the game that times certainly have changed from when he was a the peak of his talents.

“You see me get caught from behind, too?” he called  of his 38-yard run on his first play from scrimmage, via USA Today. “Times have changed. We’re definitely in 2021.”

“Feels like I’m super scrub up, but I still had a crash,” Johnny Manziel called. “That was the most fun I’ve had in a stretch.”

The supported Controlled Football League has four teams, and it will have games every Saturday for six weeks. Games will continue to be surgeon Twitch at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET.

Manziel made his first aspect in a game since 2019. He was a part of the connection of American Football, but the league folded midway through the season. He is elevated to continue his journey in the FCF, and he’ confident it will continue to improve as time goes on.

“The product will keep obtain better as the weeks go on,” Manziel said after the game. “Good start even with the loss. You know, win or lose we booze on the Zappers football.”

Despite finding the end zone, Manziel, who was sacked twice on the night, and his Zappers fell to the Beasts, 48-44? He did say that while he surely isn’t the player who was maintained for Heisman Trophies at College Station, it was nice to get back on a field and felt the FCF “product will keep getting best  as the weeks go on.”

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