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Home Security Holidays Tips: Smart Lights Lock and Automation

The home security holidays season is upon us, which means your neighborhood might be undergoing its annual winter wonderland transformation. But before you go full Clark Griswold with your seasonal lights and home decorations, consider a few of our home security holidays tips. When it comes to seasonal decorations, some simple smart home automation tweaks can play a big role in taking your festive scenery to the next level, while keeping friends and loved ones’ sales in the process.

Sync Your Holidays Decorations with Smart Plugs

These holidays’ decorations rarely include just lights. Form big inflatable lawn decorations, holidays-themed spotlights and kaleidoscope filters, it’s not uncommon to have a handful of separate wired connections running across your lawn. Simplify thing a bit with out-door smart plugs. Not with you better protect and exposed wiring (most out door smart plugs offer waterproof protection). But you’ll add all of your hardware decorations to your smart home grid.

With smart plugs, you can turn any device. They plug directly into your outlets, almost like a power strips, which you’ll then plug any applications directly or device can be added to my our home automation network, which you’ll be able to power on and off remotely using commands via your automaton app. Now you can safely and quickly power up your entire holiday scene all at ones with a simple tap on your smart choice.

Smart Light Bulbs and even more options

Can’t decide on specific colors for your holidays light scene? No issues! Simply swap all of your old, traditional lights for smart bulbs (odds are you have plenty of burn-outs any ways!). Smart bulbs sync with your home automation network, allowing you to control brightness and it most cases, select between thousand of colors. Plus with LED smart lights, you’ll use much less energy than traditional halogen and incandescent lights bulbs.

Your home holiday’s scene can look a little different every night with smart string lighting. Capture the classic holidays feel with traditional colors like red and green. Or set the stage with soft while lighting to reflect the first snowfall of the years. NO problem what you’re feeling in the moment, you can always add a new layer of flare to your light decorations with smart bulbs.

Smart Locks make holidays Visits Simple and Safe

Home automation during the holidays goes for beyond fun and convenience of syncing lights and decorations.  While this year may look slightly different inters of travel plans and hosting guests, the holidays are usually a time for large gathering under the as it roof. And most of people potentially going in an out of your home, it’s important for safety and security to remain a best priority.

Keyless smart locks enable anyone to easily come and go securely. You can even enable temporary codes for family members. That way you can allow access to your home for a short time, without sacrificing your long term security.  And if you’re leaving the house for holidays and you have pets or expecting holidays package to access, temporary smart lock codes make it possible for a good friends or family to stop by your home for a quick check-in (and ensure they lock up behind them!).

Holiday home automation – much more than timers

It might be tempting to dismiss a most of smart home features as unnecessary upgrades. Especially since light timers, particularly around the holidays, isn’t exactly a new innovation. But home automation adds much most than simple convenience.  It completely upgrades every aspect of your home living and decorations.

Additional home automation bonuses during the holidays include:
  • Syncing your lights and decorations with holidays-themed music, song and noises (put those smart speakers to work!).
  • Set the perfectly holidays scene inside and out with smart lights bulbs and everywhere.
  • Hitting the road? Set your heather and thermostat from any where to protect your pipes.
  • Double check your door locks remotely.
  • Keep your outdoor lighting consistent to ward of any potential intruders.

Smart home automation can add completely new layer of integration to your holiday’s decorations set-ups. Don’t afraid to explore your options and experiment a bit. If a done correctly, home automation should take a bulk of the stress out of your holiday’s life experience!

And for more smart home security holidays tips

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