Electrical safety tips at Christmas

Electrical safety tips at Christmas accident or injure around 16 Aussies each week, with 13% of these incidents involving children under the age of 14. These statistic’s increasing during the holiday season so electrical safety must always be a top priority. Stay safe this holiday season with the electrical safety checklist.   In this article we read Check the compliance of electrical products. Manage cables correctly Install a safety switch Water and electricity do not mix Turn off all lights and decorations Don’t let electronics overheat Buy a fire-resistant free Find the freshest tree Place outdoors lights outdoor Use insulated hooks Check your lights Examine cables Keep an eye on extension Don’t overload Check the compliance of electrical products The market is Don’t place them anywhere they could overheat and potentially melt, especially near heaters. Soaked with electrical safety tips at Christmas products that are not compliant with Australian safety standards, including Christmas decorate. But alert so these, and know what to look out for. When looking for electrical decorations, always choose products with an Australian product approval Number of RCM (Regular Compliance Mark). Manage cables correctly Extension records and boards can be a hazard, so plan how you are going to use them. Make sure leads are always taped to the floor and are carefully placed around furniture to avoid any one tripping over them. Furthermore, don’t place them anywhere they could overheat and potentially melt, musty near heaters. Use a ling extension lead if necessary, instead of connecting multiple shorter cords. Avoid piggy backing adapters. Use Australian approved extension cords with three pin extension boards are not earthed, meaning it is less safe. Install a safety switch It’s always a good idea to install a safety switch in your meter box as they automatically monitor the power output of your line and will cut off the power if it detects anything unusual or harmful. It may cost a little extra, but your safety security is more valuable than your back pocket. Water and electric do not mix Water and electricity are a lethal combination. Never leave applicants anywhere they could be splashed by water, for example sink or bathtub. Turn off all electrical applicants after use and don’t clean on or around electrical accessories such as power outlets lights switches with a wet cloth, household cleaners or detergents. Sound logical, but the number of incidents involving water and electricity are alarming. Turn off all lights and decorations When your Christmas lights and deco trains are not in use, turn them off and unplug them, especially before going to bed. Never leave lights on overnight. Don’t let electronic overheat In the summer time, electronics can easily run hot, so it’s important that you always check they’re not too hot, other wise they could overheat and become a burning hazard. On these hot summer days, cheche how much heat is radiating from the back of your electronics, like computers. If it becomes too hot, ensure that it is not near anything that could melt. Even best, turn off and unplug the electronic device so that it doesn’t overheat. Better to be safe than sorry. Buy a fire resistant free If you are shopping for an artificial tree this year, make sure your purchase one labeled “fire retardant.” This doesn’t mean that tree won’t catch fire. But it will resist burning and can be put out Once you’ve got your tree house, cut the bottom at a 45-degree a quickly if it does catch fire. Find the freshest tree If you ‘reusing a real tree, make sure you find one that’s fresh. It should be green with needles that are hard tom pull from the branch and bend instead of break. Once you’ve got your tree house, cut the bottom at a 45-degree angle and stick it in water to keep it fresh. Allowing your tree to dry out make it more likely to catch fire from electrical sparks. Place outdoors lights outdoor This one my seem like a no brainer. But if you plan to hang lights outside, they much need to be designed specifically for the outdoors. Retailer sell lights designed to handle inclement weather outdoors, while indoor lights could be damaged by snow or rain and pose an electrical hazard if used outside. Used insulated hooks Hanging lights with nail, tracks or screws can pierce the cable on a string of lights. By choice, hang your lights with insulated hooks to avoid any electrical emergencies. Check your lights Before you string lights up on your tree or in your yard, make sure they are performed properly. Switch them in to see if all the lights turn on also. If not, unplugging the strand and replace the broken bulbs. And make sure you look for frayed wireless or cracked cords. If you find that your lights have some dangers, toss them out. You don’t want your lights to short and cause a fire. Examine cables Electrical safety tips at Christmas lights should be tested and confirm by third-party laboratory underwriters’ laboratories. Ul ensures products meet safety requirements for threat sch as electrical issues and fire. Before you buy a box for new bulbs, make sure they meet this standard and have a u label.  A set of indoor lights will have a green holographical UL sticker on the cord. While indoor/outdoor lights will have a red sticker.

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