“Breaking News: Devastating Tornado Strikes Ottawa, Leaving Destruction in Its Path”

Tomislav Mitar shared photos of damage to his home in Barrhaven, calling it “ground zero of the tornado.” (Twitter/EnjoytheTom)

Emergency crews are assessing damage and assisting residents after at least one tornado touched down in the south Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven, damaging homes and properties.

Ottawa police said just before 1 p.m. it was aware of a tornado in the Barrhaven area, as a severe storm moved through the region with heavy rains and strong winds. Environment Canada had issued a tornado warning for Ottawa, saying conditions were favourable for the development of a possible tornado.

In a shocking turn of events, the tranquil city of Ottawa was rocked by a ferocious tornado, unleashing its destructive force upon unsuspecting residents. The tornado, classified as one of the most damaging in Ottawa’s history, wreaked havoc across the city, leaving behind a trail of devastation and despair.

The tornado descended upon Ottawa with little warning, catching residents off guard. The sunny skies quickly turned ominous as dark clouds gathered, giving birth to a swirling vortex of destruction. Within moments, the city was transformed into a battleground against nature’s fury.

As the tornado tore through Ottawa, its sheer power was evident in the destruction it left in its wake. Buildings crumbled like fragile sandcastles, roofs were ripped off, and debris flew through the air like deadly projectiles. The once serene streets became strewn with rubble, shattered glass, and uprooted trees, turning the city into an apocalyptic scene.

Amidst the chaos, the tornado took a toll on the lives of Ottawa’s residents. Tragically, lives were lost, and many more were injured as the tempest unleashed its wrath. Families were torn apart, homes were destroyed, and dreams were shattered in an instant. The emotional and physical scars left behind would be a constant reminder of the devastation inflicted by nature’s fury.

In the aftermath of the tornado, the strength and resilience of Ottawa’s community came to the forefront. Strangers became allies, offering support and comfort to those who lost everything. Emergency response teams and volunteers worked tirelessly, searching for survivors and providing aid to those in need. The unity and compassion displayed by the people of Ottawa in the face of adversity showcased the indomitable spirit of the city.

Rebuilding a shattered city is no small feat, but Ottawa embarked on the arduous journey towards recovery. The government, alongside local organizations and charitable foundations, pledged their support to assist those affected by the disaster. Temporary shelters were set up, supplies were distributed, and services were mobilized to help survivors regain their footing. The long and challenging road to rebuilding shattered homes and infrastructure began, symbolizing the city’s determination to rise from the rubble.

The devastating tornado served as a powerful reminder of the unpredictable forces of nature. It compelled authorities and residents alike to reevaluate their disaster preparedness and response plans. Lessons were learned, and measures were put in place to enhance early warning systems and strengthen emergency response protocols. The scars left by the tornado will forever be etched in Ottawa’s history, serving as a reminder of the city’s resilience and the importance of unity in the face of adversity.

Ottawa’s encounter with the damaging tornado will forever be etched in the memories of its residents. The city stood strong against the devastating force of nature, demonstrating the power of unity, compassion, and resilience. Though scars remain, Ottawa’s determination to rebuild and move forward paints a picture of hope and resilience that will inspire future generations.


Environment Canada issued a second tornado warning for Ottawa at 2:45 p.m., but it was lifted just before 3 p.m.

Photos on social media showed damage on several streets in the suburb in Ottawa’s south end, with debris spread across roads. Shingles were tossed off houses and basketball nets were knocked down.

At least 50 houses in the area of Umbra Place, near Cambrian Road, were affected by the storm.

City of Ottawa officials will provide an update on the damage and the response at 4:30 p.m. CTVNewsOttawa.ca will broadcast the media conference live.

Ottawa fire says firefighters were going door to door in the worst areas checking on residents and shutdown down gas and hydro on multiple units.

Paramedics say one person was struck by debris as the storm hit Ottawa. The victim was transported to hospital in stable condition.

Barry Pepper was driving on Standherd Drive when he watched the funnel cloud form.

“It was an exciting few minutes,” Peter told Newstalk 580 CFRA’s Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron.

“The funnel kind of formed and came down, and it sucked up debris and it looked like trees.”

Pepper says there was a lot of debris along Strandherd Drive and a tool shed from the parking lot of Home Depot on the sidewalk.

“It was terrifying.”

“I looked out the window and into my backyard, and it looked almost like it was snowing which I found very bizarre.  I later realized it was actually the insulation from somebody’s roof,” Tomislav Mitar, Barrhaven resident, told CTV News Channel.

“The next thing I saw was metal patio furniture going at a tremendous amount of speed, flying across and smashing into my neighbor’s fence.

“It lasted 30 to 45 seconds and then continued down its path.”


Environment Canada confirms one tornado touched down in Ottawa. 

David Sills of Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project tells CTV News Ottawa at least one damaging tornado touched down in Ottawa on Thursday afternoon, “maybe more.”

Investigators with the Western University Northern Tornadoes Project will be travelling from London to Ottawa Thursday afternoon to assess the damage. 

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe says the city has mobilized its Emergency Operations Centre, and staff will be providing resources to support residents.

The city of Ottawa will provide a media briefing at 4:30 p.m.

Move 100’s Stuntman Stu posted video on Facebook of damage on Jockvale Road, with several trees knocked down.

Trees have been damaged in the area of Exeter Drive and Tartan Drive in Barrhaven. (Natalie van Rooy/CTV News Ottawa)


Environment Canada had issued a tornado warning for Ottawa. The warning ended at 1:40 p.m. A second tornado warning was issued for Ottawa at 2:45 p.m., but ended just before 3 p.m.

All weather alerts ended for the city of Ottawa at 3:50 p.m.

Barrhaven is located 22 km south of downtown Ottawa.

Ottawa police say a family reunification centre has been established at the Minto Recreation Complex, 3500 Cambrian Road in Barrhaven.

The city of Ottawa says an information session will be held at 4 p.m. for residents.

City of Ottawa Building Code Services will provide information on damage assessment, starting the insurance process and general safety issues related to homes affected by the tornado. 

Social Services will also make resources available to those affected or displaced due to damage to their homes.

More than 1,800 homes and businesses in Ottawa are without power following the severe weather.

Hydro Ottawa says crews are “actively assessing the system and working on repairs to restore power.”

The majority of the outages are in the Barrhaven West ward.

The power outages come as approximately 400 employees remain on strike.

Hydro Ottawa says it has “contingency plans” in place, “including additional resources” to support restoration efforts.


The recent devastating tornado in Ottawa serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared and taking safety precautions during severe weather events. To ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones, here are five essential safety measures to follow when facing a tornado.

  1. Stay Informed: Stay updated with reliable weather sources and pay attention to tornado watches and warnings issued by local authorities. Utilize weather apps, radio, or television broadcasts to stay informed about approaching storms. Prompt knowledge of a tornado threat will give you valuable time to enact your safety plan.

  2. Create a Tornado Safety Plan: Develop a detailed tornado safety plan for your household. Identify a safe area in your home, such as a basement or an interior room on the lowest level. Ensure everyone knows where to seek shelter and establish a predetermined meeting place for family members after the storm. Regularly practice tornado drills to reinforce the plan.

  3. Assemble an Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit that includes essential supplies such as water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, a battery-powered radio, a cell phone charger, and any necessary medications. Keep the kit in an easily accessible location and ensure all family members know where it is stored.

  4. Seek Shelter in a Sturdy Location: When a tornado warning is issued, promptly move to your designated safe area. If a basement is available, seek shelter there. If not, choose an interior room on the lowest level, away from windows. Cover yourself with mattresses, heavy blankets, or protective materials to shield against flying debris.

  5. Monitor Weather Updates: During a tornado event, stay connected to local weather updates. Keep a battery-powered radio or a mobile device handy to receive emergency alerts and instructions. Use reputable weather apps or tune in to local news stations for the latest information. Adhere to official guidance and be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly.

The devastating tornado in Ottawa emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety during severe weather events. By staying informed, creating a tornado safety plan, assembling an emergency kit, seeking shelter in a sturdy location, and monitoring weather updates, you can significantly enhance your safety and that of your family. Remember, preparedness and swift action are key to mitigating the risks associated with tornadoes.

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