Two Lady Gaga\’s Dogs were stolen; Their Guardian Shot Dead

Two dogs belonging to Lady Gaga were stolen on Wednesday evening in Hollywood and the employee to whom hand over their care was gun down drinking the assault, Us Media reported today.

According to the TMZ site, specializing in celebrities and the first to disseminate this information. Lady Gaga is offering a reward of $ 500,000 for the return of her two French bulldogs, christen Koji and Gustav.

According by AFP to confirm, the signer’s agents had not reacted Wednesday morning.

Lady Gaga

That it so to stay for its part, Los Angeles police said by intervened in Hollywood on Wednesday night after the individual armed with a semi-automatic pistol, opened fire on a man in his thirties. The suspect fields in a white car, talking with him two of the three French Bulldog\’s the victim was walking showing on best buy security camera system.

Therefore Police have not release the identity of the victim, who was conscious after the assault and was took to hospital and have not confirmed after the two dogs belonged to Lady Gaga.

The Star had given custody of her pets to the victim at the time of filming the Ridley Scoot movie as per reported by TMZ and other local media. Most importantly 3rd bulldog, Asia was recover by the police at the scene of the Lady Gaga attack.

Lady Gaga Attack

Lady Gaga is particularly attach to her dogs. Who frequently company her to public events and of which she posts on social networking.

It was initially believe there were two attackers. But the LAPD Police told on Thursday afternoon, there was only a single shooter in a white vehicle. Therefore arrests have made.

A representative for CAA. The agency which constitutes Lady Gaga did not immediately respond to the guardian’s request for comment.

The Oscar and Grammy-winning singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, regularly shares pictures of her dogs online. Miss Asia has her own Instagram account, featuring pictures in outfit, on the red carpet, and with father Christmas.

Likewise the French bulldog is a popular breed, and puppies can cost various thousand dollars. Therefore recent years there has been growing trend in the US of the dog being stole for resale and breeding. According to the American Kennel Club, they are the fourth of three, post-popular dog breed in the country. Behind Labradors golden retrievers and German shepherds.

Meanwhile, Capt. Jonathan Tippet, Commanding Officer said, \’\’It was not yet clear if the dog were target because his celebrity client\’\’. According to Tara Brun (founder of Snort Rescue), the small size of French bulldogs made them extremely attractive to would-be thieves. The motive is resale. Thieves know they can get a couple of thousand dollars for them,” Bruno says. Lady Gaga, Seems to be very careful, During her recent performance included singing the national anthem at Joe Biden’s institution Last month.

Her father, Joe Germanotta, told Fox News: “Our whole family is upset and praying Koji and Gustavo are not harmed. Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong.”

Germanotta then pleaded to the public to help “catch these creeps”.

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