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Video security surveillance solutions is a company that provide interface video security solutions. Home Automation, safety cameras for one’s affordable price.

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  • Protect your business with advanced video security surveillance
  • Subway video security surveillance computer safety  
  • Increase school safety with security surveillance
  • Why should I use a wireless system?
  • The importance of remote monitoring
  • New case study Highlights crowd management
  • Video security surveillance solutions tips for project construction management

Protect your business with advanced video security surveillance


Defending your business protecting assets and deterring crimes is required if you want to keep your business and employees safe but if you have no tension that a video security surveillance system was too complicated but the video security was much too expensive, we have created a professional video security surveillance system designed for your need.

Our video security surveillance cameras and other technology with live monitoring by remote security specialist who can evaluate the risk to your blog and consistently.

With a professional video security surveillance system, you will get to

  • Live video mentoring
  • All times video recording
  • Attach with a computer, Smartphone with another hardware device.

Subway video security surveillance computer safety


With the millions of systems every day, Washington, D.C Metro police have a difficult challenge. Further monitors are secures the stops and the subway cars on the city public transportation system.

So, the department recently vested in several security guards includes a security operation control center where they can monitor video security surveillance cameras radio communications security alarms fire alarms, and chemical detection systems all in one site.

There are different central security headquarters made as evident almost right away. CEO says that in 2015 alone they have made over 500 made arrests over 200 cases are closed while 100 cases are unfounded. During that time, they had over 6200 requests for video.

Watching security in fact time helps you spot suspicious activity as it happens response time and low crime report and other crimes like social crimes or cybercrimes used of video security surveillance computer safety. Video surveillance cameras also increase efficiency and types of safety. There fore of being limited to what they can see around them, the person monitoring cameras watch multiple sustain at once and direct security to the areas that they need it.

Increase school safety with security surveillance


School safety continues to be a top threat and a video security surveillance system can be an important part of the school security system. Such as video support systems help you monitor activities around the small and big house or any other place and spot trouble as it happening.

The most common use of school video surveillance system is to student safety and staff safety.

The most important prominently placed cameras warn students and staff that they may be monitored, which can deter bad behavior. Video surveillance systems are also useful tools when creating your visitor’s management system. Cameras can be placed at all building entrances to alert office staff when a visor\’s teams reached.

Why should I use a wireless system?


The benefit of a wireless system is enticing when you are buying a video security surveillance system. You have more sensors and the highest staff to install video security cameras using WIFI internet.

But you need this technology and how informative technology works when what is the best option, we used for this. When we install to wireless security surveillance system you are really talking about two different things WIFI cameras and point-to-point wireless linking.

There are two types are

  • WIFI cameras
  • Point to point linking

The importance of remote monitoring


One of the most important and modern and well Ip, video surveillance systems pliability in video management. Using the power of the internet strongly and you log in to your systems and see surveillance videos any or any days of the month whether you are work or not.

There is a mobile application for remotely managing your video security surveillance system using a smartphone or computer. In addition, several leading manufacturers have android applications including.

These types are

  • Axis
  • Milestone
  • Smartpohone
  • Vivotek
  • optica

While important advantages will vary between remote and mobile applications and manufacturers. In general, you will be at this stage to live view video recording and manage alerts.

New case study Highlights crowd management


The bank of Canada is a premier concert venue with a punctual gathering of over 8000 for shows all summer long. With a large crowd comes to need for a better video surveillance system. So, the bank of Canada upgraded to an HP IP video surveillance system. By replacing their old CCTV systems, the security staff has seriously cut the response time to crowd incidents and the number of crowd investigations by the local law enforcement.

The area covered by the new surveillance systems is large, but by monitoring live cameras in the control room space, security personal can monitor all areas at once.

  • Multiple parking lots
  • Overnight camping spots
  • VIP lounges
  • Tailgating areas
  • Vendor Merchandise area
  • Two concert stages

The big advantages of new surveillance systems are how easy it is too easy to install and easy to export video 24/7. In CCTV systems the security crew has to physically access each camera to save individual videos which the cloud takes hours.

Between the easier management system and the upgrade to high-rank video on officinal part of identifying suspicious people in this video.

Video security surveillance solutions tips for project construction management


Construction management tips for site place from heavy machinery that need to handled carefully to a material loss for left hand malicious. As well as construction management projects you well need to secure your employee, materials, and site construction management.

Why should you consider installing or upgrading a site surveillance system?

Video can be used increase workers safety

Surveillance can deter equipment

Security surveillance can reduce injury

Reduce ability for your company

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